Hondaafushi Island Resort


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H.Dh Atoll is an unspoiled atoll with numerous world class diving spots at a close proximity to Hondaafushi. World renown Werner Lau diving center leads diving with local knowledge and cutting edge diving equipment.


House Reef

If you’re both certified divers, once you’ve completed an orientation dive, you’re free to discover the house reef with your buddy. Highlights include ghost pipefish, napoleon wrasse, frogfish, reef sharks, nurse sharks, small caves and one wrecks.

Flokati Thila

A real sensation! This beautifully overgrown Thila , is located south of Hondaafushi. Like a flokati carpet, hard corals, red, yellow and blue soft corals cover the reef top, the overhangs and its two large canyons on the south-east and north-west sides. In addition to mackerels and fusilier swarms, sleeping nurse sharks, whitetip and gray reef sharks can also be seen here.

Fish & Friends (Manta Point)

This dive site is located on the north side of the island Mulidhoo. There are lots of colorful fish to see. In addition to swarms of blue fusiliers, yellow snappers, tunas and mackerels, turtles are not uncommon. During the north-east monsoon mantas can be seen at the small cleaner blocks

Rainbow Canyon

A colorful Thila located in the south of the island Finey. The reef starts at a depth of 15m and drops steeply on all sides to 30m. The south side is traversed by large overhangs covered with blue, red and orange soft corals. In the overhangs you can encounter nudibranchs and other microorganisms. But also look into the blue water. There are various types of rays and Napoleon wrasses to see

Shark hole

We start our dive in blue water, about 100m away from a big Thila. In a depth of 30m we find a reef edge overgrown with blue soft corals. Now we just need to wait because the big fish comes by itself. At the edge you can see gray reef sharks, silver tip sharks, big barracudas and a lot of swarming fish.

Purple Cave

A nice drift dive at the house reef of the island Alidhoo. The steeply sloping reef is overgrown with purple sea whips. In the large overhangs you have the possibility to see resting stingrays. Also Lobster, large Barakudas and Reefsharks can be seen here.